Expedite Passport Experts is a private company that can assist in obtaining Birth Certificates in a very secure matter, all your documents are hand delivered into all State Vital Record offices, the service can be perfomed within a few days dependig on your needs.

Eligible requestors include self, parent, spouse, son, daughter, or demonstrate a legal right in order to obtain a copy of the record.

Birth Records will only process requests followed by a faxed copy of the requestor's government issued photo ID. Enlarge and lighten the copy as much as possible to ensure that it is clear and readable when faxed to us.

A signature under the copied ID is also required. Unsigned applications will not be processed. 

Please call for fees they will vary according to the State and Turn Around Time

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24Hrs. passport service available. Call us for more information

Rush order: Birth Certificates, Marriage Certificate and Divorce Decrees from any State

A valid passport and visa are required to enter some Countries for Americans and Foreign nationals.


The highest level of Travel Insurance including Medical Evacuation.

Engish, Spainsh, Portugues ...

Foreign and U.S Documents legalized for use in other countries.